blog lapse

It's been forever since I've updated this page, and here are the top 5 reasons why...

1. We moved! We spent most of March praying for a good renter for our townhome and most of April moving into our NEW HOUSE! For those of who who know where we lived, we didn't move far. In fact, we can still see our townhome from where we live now. [Side note: We can keep a good watch over our renters.] We were fortunate enough to be handed a fantastic deal on a beautiful home and we just couldn't pass it up. We moved in officially around the first week in April and have been trying to get organized ever since.

2. Speaking of our new home... having a bigger place means more to clean, a lawn to mow, a garden to take care of, dandelions to kill, plants to water, things to fix, and much much more. We've had a blast acclimating ourselves to this new lifestyle. I love it!

3. We've been working like crazy! One of my great friends and co-workers left our company to start her own HR consulting business, HR Now. For a while I debated joining her, but decided it just wasn't the right time to leave. However, because she's now gone, I've taken on about a million more projects and have been just trying to stay afloat at work for the last few months. Additionally, Steve also had a great opportunity arise - Wells Fargo offered him a job in their Savage branch and he has now been there about a month. It was a huge move for him to move to such a huge company, but we both know it will mean great things for our future for him to be with such a stable organization.

4. It's now getting to be summer-like (with the exception of the last few days) and we've been enjoying meeting our new neighbors, hosting bonfires and BBQ's, and visiting with friends. While Steve's brother Dean and his wife, Kathleen were home from NJ in May, we hosted a fun family baby shower for them. We also celebrated Dean's birthday that same weekend. Our wonderful friends, Emma & Kevin also recently bought a new home, so it's been fun visiting their house and watching all the improvments take place!

5. Last but not least... I made it through another semester of grad school - one successful year completed! I'm not taking any summer classes for the simple sake that I want to read real books, enjoy the summer and start fresh in the fall. I'm leading a women's small group this summer (hiking & photography - focused). Steve's leading a golfing small group on Friday mornings. I'm leading a book club and always searching for new books to read.


La famille Billington said...

I really love your blog banner! So pretty.

And about books...have you read The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls? Couldn't put it down.

Kristen said...

Thanks! I have re-done the banner a million times. Always looking for fresh ideas.

I haven't heard of the Glass Castle... but I'll make a note to Google it. :) Always looking for something good to read!

Jescel said...
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