I ♥ Burnett County

Steve and I took a trip "home" this weekend, also known as "up north" or "BC" (Burnett County). We have it pretty good since both our families live in the same county. We left on Saturday afternoon and started out on our adventure home.

Things I love about "home":
  1. We get to visit both Steve's parents and my parents all in the same weekend.
  2. We drive through Grantsburg, Siren, and Webster... and see people we know in every town.
  3. The trees, birds, St. Croix river, and the farm land - nothing beats the familiar sights and sounds of being home.
  4. It's like our own little mini-vacation that doesn't cost much... and we get to go all the time.
  5. Cheese.

We spent Saturday afternoon with the Macke's. We made Steve's dad a big Father's Day meal... BBQ ribs, salad, and hashbrowns. The meal was delicious and being able to spend the day with family was perfect!

Saturday night led to more excitement as we spent the evening celebrating the new Mr. & Mrs. Matt Olson. They had a beautiful wedding and the reception was filled with old friends from UWRF. It was great to reunite with so many RF'ers and fellow InterVarsity friends again. (Music provided by Trustworty DJ's)

After the dance, we ventured on to Webster in search of some more fun. Sure enough, nothing has changed and within minutes we were involved in a very intense game of CatchPhrase. We eventually found our way back to Steve's parents house around 2:30 a.m.

Sunday was a bright and early wake-up and a trip to church. Pastor Merrill was especially loud and it is always fun to be greeted by all the Webster-folk that watched Steve grow up. After church we made our way back to Grantsburg, but not without a stop at Burnett Dairy.... to pick up some prize-winning cheese curds. You should buy some.

Spending the entire day with my parents was so much fun, as always. I took a walk around my parents house... it fascinated me to see how big the apple trees were getting and to show Steve all the great places where we used to make forts and hide out. My mom made an amazing meal of grilled steaks, asparagus, and fresh rubharb crisp. We played some Guitar Hero, baseball, laughed a lot... and finished the afternoon with another intense game of CatchPhrase.

We had a fabulous weekend and I everytime we are home I am reminded of all the wonderful, unique, and amazing things life in a small town is all about.

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Steven Macke said...

I love your blog babe. Keep it up!