When in Rome...

Or should I say, When in Edina...

Last Thursday, my fellow coworkers and I decided that Thursday afternoon would be a great day to skip out of the multitude of unanswered voice mails, the impending benefits questions, and the boundless mounds of paperwork to head out and play a round of golf - mini golf, that is.

While some would indeed call it mini golf, I would probably beg to differ, only because it's located in the city of Edina at the lovely Centennial Lakes Park. (Here's where I shout out to Boyd Stofer, President and CEO of Marquette Real Estate Group, the guy who signs my paychecks, and developer of
CLOP). So, when in Edina... you call it putting greens.

We played the "back nine" and definitely enjoyed the beautiful weather. So what if you have to hang out with the people you already spend the most time with anyway... an afternoon out of the office with your coworkers beats a full day at your desk anytime.

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