catching up.

If there's one thing I'm good at... it's forgetting to blog. So, I have a lot of catching up to do. Here's a short synopsis of my last few weeks:

4th of July
We invited our favorite friends to spend the weekend with us "up north". It was an amazing weekend - filled with everything one would hope for in a 4th of July weekend. We cheered on the runners at the Siren Freedom 5 (kudos to Rich for completing his first 5k!). We enjoyed a small-town parade complete with advertising for every small business in the county and of course bed races. We hit up the local garage sales, spent an afternoon tubing on Devil's Lake, watched Steve's mom play in the local band. We met some friends from RVC for the fireworks display. We swam, ate picnic foods, played lawn games, had a BBQ... and much, much more.

In Between
While we are pretty good at jam-packing our weeknights with events, non of them are all too intersting. For the most part our weeks have been filled with Steve's softball games, working late, weekly Girls Nights/pool parties, working out/swimming at Lifetime, meetings, more meetings, and somewhere along the lines I signed up to coach the 4-year old soccer program at the YMCA.

Last Weekend
Friday night I came home expecting to have a quiet night and I found our house filled with a bunch of very large boxes. Steve pulled off his very first surprise for me - he ordered our new furniture and never told me! He also invited friends over to help us assemble, move, and clean... which was even better. When all was said and done, we ended up with a house filled with new stuff and a reminder that our friends are incredibly awesome for helping us with all the hard work. (They even decided to stay an extra night to help finish my latest unfinished project - painting the bathroom). Thanks Steve, for the wonderful surprise... and thanks E&K for all your hard work. I almost forgot to mention that we spent all of Sunday at Lake Calhoun... checking out the sights, eating at Barbette's and taking in the Bastille Day celebrations. It's not often you can say that you had fun AND you accomplished everything on your to-do list over the course of 3 days.

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Emma Wuebben said...

That WAS a really fun weekend!