All that's left is to show up for class...

Well, after all the stress, worry, fear and pain... it's over. Today I took the GMAT. I was as ready as I was ever going to be after studying for what feels like 8 months straight. I don't really know why I spent so much time studying for an exam that tests your basic knowledge of math and English. Anyway, it's done and over for good. They give you a little printout of how to did for the most part. And, I guess I did fairly well. Well enough to get me into grad school and that's all that matters.

Speaking of grad school though, I was already accepted and admitted into the College of Business and Economics at UWRF. I have actually already been to orientation and signed up for classes. The only thing they're waiting on is that darn GMAT. MBA here I come!

So, as far as exciting things go... here's why today has been so great:

1. Steve got up early today to make me breakfast and help me study... I love him.
2. I'm getting paid to have the day off work.
3. Did I mention that test is over?!?
4. It's a BEAUTIFUL day and I get to enjoy all of it!
5. I just got my financial aid back and it's absolutely enough to cover my tuition and more!
6. I'm going to make banana bread. :)

Happy Friday!


Beth said...

Congratulations! Way to go - the GMAT is a difficult and tricky test. I'm sure you aced it.

Congrats too on setting your sights on the MBA goal. Awesome!

Steven Macke said...

I love you too and I'm very proud of you! Way to go love.

Angela6882 said...

I thought you would never make banana bread again.