twenty-five random thoughts.

1. I’m a compulsive email checker. It’s getting out of hand.

2. I love little dive restaurants with bad coffee and cheap breakfast.

3. There is nothing more peaceful to me than staring out at the ocean or watching a flickering campfire.

4. I never look at email forwards… ever. I pretty much despise them.

5. One of my life goals is to finish an entire crossword puzzle by myself.

6. I used to work for this absolutely fantastic company. I still work there, but it’s not so fantastic anymore.

7. In high school I was obsessed to quite obsessed with the band Green Day. I went to see them in concert about 15 times and still have 28 GD cd’s that I’ve never been able to part with.

8. … coincidentally I ended up on VH1’s Behind the Music-Green Day. I had no idea, but one day a guy from school told me he saw me on TV. I think I still have the VHS tape somewhere.

9. I love buying other people’s mistake paint at Home Depot and painting random walls in our house. I would also much rather re-finish garage sale furniture than buy something from Pottery Barn.

10. I almost always wear two pairs of socks.

11. I am a bit fanatical about Microsoft Excel and spreadsheets. I can organize data like there’s no tomorrow.

12. I am often too blunt and too honest to people.

13. I could spend all day in a Barnes and Noble store and never once look at a clock.

14. I would move to San Diego in a heartbeat if the opportunity arose.

15. My favorite food has always been tomatoes. I’m starting not to like them as much anymore.

16. I spend incredibly too much time thinking up my dream jobs and not enough time actually working toward them.

17. I am terrible at making friends. I wish this were different.

18. I need exactly eight hours of sleep every night.

19. And, speaking of sleep… I don’t know if I have ever made it through an entire movie without falling asleep.

20. I think I would be really good at writing a cookbook.

21. Just about everyone I know is pregnant, just had a baby or will be pregnant soon. A tiny little part of me wants to jump on that bandwagon.

22. I have a thing about almonds and almond extract. The smell of almond extract is quite possibly the best smell in the world and I am constantly trying to make things out of almonds.

23. My favorite movie is JAWS. I love sharks for some odd reason. I’ve never really figured out why I like them so much.

24. I have a phenomenal husband. I’m very lucky.

25. Someday I’ll take up photography again.

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