Memory Lane

I was thinking tonight about how fast winter break flew by and how school starts again next week already. I do love being in grad school, but it's just not the same as it used to be... living in the dorms and being on campus all the time, seeing your favorite friends all the time, staying up super late, etc. I haven't gotten together with all of my college roomates since...??? Well, I'm sure some of you girls are reading this, so this one is for you.

My Top 10 College Memories:

10. The time I left the tuna can in our dorm over a weekend while we were gone.

9. The time that Angela yelled out in Chemestry class, "Gross! Look at his leg!"

8. Trying to set up Katie with Joe, then Rob, then Nathan, then......

7. Girls nights, book studies, and small groups with neverending supplies of coffee, tea, cocoa and apple cider.

6. Living in our Wasson Lane appartment - sleeping on the kitchen floor, that giant cricket that attacked me, making a trail of ants through the house, and of course the mold that covered the walls.

5. The day that Leah dressed up in clothes from the "shmurty bin" and paraded around the dorms with a banana like a mad woman.

4. The day after we met Matt we drove to ShopKo in the snowstorm to buy some supplies and Angela drove straight through the gigantic snowbank that was plowed in the parking lot.

3. My 21st birthday party - Angela throwing me a party at midnight. Cutting out of Spanish class early to go the Old Spaghetti Factory with like 30 people and then a night at the Jazz club.

2. That stupid crazed robin-thing that flew at our window over and over again for the entire day and our attempts to scare him away using hawk sounds.

1. The night that Joe thought that Emma's pepper spray was air freshener and sprayed our entire kitchen. Worst day ever and funniest day ever. Our lips & noses were burning for months and I'll never be able to drink coconut-flavored coffee again. Thanks, jPc!

There are many, many, more... but that's what I can think of for now. If you are reading this, I want to hear your favorite college memories.

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Angela6882 said...

A few I remember

a night when Kristen and lived upstairs in stratton and all of a sudden Kristen freaked out and slid off her loft in less than a second and said there was a huge spider and babies that were crawling over her. She still says it was real.

when i got drunk and steve was over and amanda came down to say hi and i heard some people yelling and I told her to "go get 'em"

when kristen said that all the raper go to the left just because i was on that side

being able to see emma or katie talking to us on the phone across the way to prucha from our windows.

when kristen and i first met nate. I was spinning around in my chair on my knees and kristen was probably taling to steve on msn and was laughing and i smacked kristen and she hit her head on her computer screen and then we both looked over and saw nate laughing at us.

when they were putting the false ceiling in the basement and they were drilling in the floors at like 9 in the morning till like 4 in the afternoon and Kristen would yell and kick the heater. I also go scared by it once when i was sitting in my chair and pushed myself suddenly to where kristen was sitting.

when kristen borrowed some crackers from me and hid it and then felt guilty and had to tell me and even though wouldn't have even noticed

getting visited by all my friends when I was working at the holiday and yelling at them with the mic

going running at 6 in the morning

talking to Emma for hours on end.

well that is alot. Still many many more. we had some good times in college!