Happy Monday!

The Macke's were in town this weekend and in typical Macke style - we went to a Friday night Fish Fry at the local Farmington Legion. Surprisingly the food was delicious! After their fire last year, the place has been cleaned up, renovated, and we'll definitely go back.

Saturday morning was my hiking/photography group and we ended up at Lake Calhoun with "People" as our subject. Our plan was to just walk around the lake but we had so much inspiration just at the yacht club that we didn't get much further than that. We got lucky because the Aquatennial Regatta was just about to begin and we stuck around to watch them raise their sails and start the race. Afterwards, we ventured out to my favorite little Uptown spot, Barbette. They make a fantastic cappuccino and I definitely recommend the waffles (with blueberries and lemon curd)... and the fries.

Once we were home, we decided to give our garage sale one last run. (Still trying to make some extra $$ to buy a new camera before Italy.) All in all we made like $12.00 this weekend, which basically covered my breakfast at Barbette. Time to pack it up.

The rest of the weekend, we did the usual: church, reading, pizza, sports, etc. Oh... and we went to the annual Tim Mahoney concert last night. For some reason, Empire LOVES Tim. It was fun.

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